This Girl, is a gift. There is no one like her. She wakes me up. She makes me laugh. Whatever she tells me, I listen. I didn’t think I could look like this at my age. My body looks better than it ever did from the workouts I had been doing for years.

—Gloria, miami.

From the first time I worked with Gemma I knew she was different, she taught be how to squat and for the first time I actually notice progress. She always makes me feel better, I was really nervous in the beginning to give this a go. I was not the girl who goes to the gym and lifts weights. But Gemma has really changed my perspective. She makes me feel comfortable and normal not self-conscious. I don't know how else to say it but I have been so surprised by Gemma. She is so attention to detail, honest, and I know that she truly cares. I am in tears writing this because I feel the best I have ever felt in my own skin. Thank you Gemma.

—samantha, minneapolis.

You don’t know what you have done for me and my self-esteem. Training with you has been the greatest investment in myself. Training with you has changed my life and [my daughter’s] life.”

—Debra, minneapolis.

Training with Gemma has been so enlightening, I feel so comfortable with her! She’s very encouraging and determined for you to succeed. She’s so much different than any other trainer I’ve worked with that is just watching the clock until the hour is over. She shares her knowledge and skills and does everything she can in order to help you achieve your goals.

—Brittney, minneapolis.

I was really hesitant to start this, but I can honestly say I would pay twice as much as I did to do it again! I feel so much better inside and out after just two months! Gemma knows what she’s doing, she is always there to answer my questions and goes above and beyond to help. I am so happy I did this!!

—Mariah, fort worth, texas.

I was dropping my daughter off at school and one of the other moms said I looked amazing and asked what workouts I was doing. That made me feel so good!

—Stacy, edina, minnesota.

I look forward to working out with you! You make me feel beautiful. I’ve never felt that type of support from another trainer.

—karen, minneapolis.