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This my go-to core circuit to do at home!

Key: Focus on tightening and contracting core muscles on every rep- brace core muscles in on the contraction.

Training your core is so important regardless of your goals or bodyfat because it is the center of all movement. Strengthening your core will improve all other lifts. Try this circuit out at regress if you are not able to preform all reps with engaged (braced) core. Challenge yourself to progress with less rest and more reps to overload your abdominals.

  1. V-in “Tuck”. 20 reps— Draw navel in, and lift shoulder blades off the floor each rep, do not let feet touch the ground between reps but do allow shoulder blades to touch the floor as your contract your core and crunch legs in for each rep.

  2. Side Plank Dip. 10 reps each side—Elbow at 90 degrees and stack your feet, make sure body is in a straight line and with each lift contraction core muscles. The entire movement should be controlled by your core stabilizers.

  3. Reverse Crunch (Alternating Sides) 20 reps— Raise hips off the floor each rep, control navel in on the rise and hold as you extend legs out dropping your hips, switch sides each rep. Fight to get legs close to the ground without touching!

  4. Plank dips. 20 reps—Keep shoulders at 90 degrees, weight over shoulder, hips raised and core engaged. follow the movement from side to side raising hips for the duration of the movement and shifting weight from one foot to the other. Think of your hips as making a “rainbow”

Beginner: 3 rounds all exercises, with 30 seconds rest between each exercise and 1 minute rest between all four exercises.

Intermediate: 3 rounds all exercises, no rest between exercises, and one minute rest between all exercises.

Advanced: 3-4 rounds all exercises, no rest between exercises. 30 seconds between all four exercises and preform last set of 1 and 4 till failure!

Glute Activation

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Never underestimated the power of these little resistance bands! These are great movements to activate and engage prior to a lift, or done as a circiut at home to recruit and strengthen glutes. Three rounds at home and you will be burning— that’s a promise!

1. Hip Abduction 30 reps— Keep feet touching and do not lift feet off the ground as you propel hips up, knees at 90 degrees, band around knees, and flex glutes to reach full hip extension each rep

2. Single leg glute bridge 10 reps each leg—Balance leg at 90 degrees, keep hips squared (body-weight evenly distributed) to reach full extension through hip as you extend each leg.

3. Donkey Kicks 15 reps each leg—Hips squared, navel up and in and spine neutral. Keep both elbows and resting knee at 90 degrees, as well as the kicking leg! They key is not let weight tilt during the movement, check in the mirror that your foot is extending straight up so that it would leave an even footprint on the ceiling.

4. Straight leg carry 10 each leg—Extend leg straight out and carry at highest resistance to greatest extension. Think of making a half arch with your foot, touch the ground as you extend up and out—again balance leg at 90 degrees and hips squared!

Try three rounds at home or one round prior to your glutes/leg day— sure to fire them up!