Travel Tips

Five Tips for Staying On-Track While On-the-Go



Start Your day with Movement

Often times if we say we will do it later, something comes up or after a busy day of work or adventure, we aren’t up for it. The last thing I want to do on vacation is go back to my hotel to shower and change— I want to enjoy as much as possible. By starting the day with 10 minutes of movement, whether it be at the hotel gym, outside—if your lucky, or simply a couple exercises from your hotel room— starting the day with movement gets your heart rate up, endorphins following, and leaves you feel energized to conquer the rest of the day.




A couple of my favorite things that are always in my bag.

Resistance bands - So you can get a little sweat in anywhere. I like this pack with varied resistances and a little bag to tie and keep them all together.

Go Stack - the best thing for vitamins and supplements. I prepare this each night before bed, with vitamins, collagen, and protein, and it’s great to have a convenient case like this so you’re not toting around a jar of protein in your gym bag.

—I like single serve Isogenix shakes. 36g protein, no artificial sweeteners, and they are prepackaged so no measuring each day.


3. Timing

I’m used to eating a fairly high amount of protein through-out the day, so when my schedule is a bit different, I may not feel hungry throughout the day.

Our bodies crave consistency—Keeping a regular schedule maintains BMR and decreases satiety levels, keeping our bodies full and satisfied throughout the day and less likely to overindulge later.

Supplementing protein helps preserve lean mass—so It’s important while traveling even if you don’t to get a work-out in.

—I set a timer for mid-morning 10am (as I usually eat lunch later) and late afternoon 6pm as I usually have dinner later.


4. Stay Hydrated

Any departure from our routine typically results in less water intake. As you know, there are SO many benefits of drinking water. One of which being— Dehydration. Dehydration leads to hunger cues, signaling our bodies that we are hungry, when in fact, we are dehydrated.

Filling a Swell Bottle or Hydro Flask flask through-out the day is a great habit to stay hydrated and keep water chilled throughout the day, and at 32 oz— it’s an easy marker for managing water intake.


Relax, Enjoy!

These are strategies to keep you on track and feeling great with any change to your routine. If things ever go off the grid, remember— You’re not going to loose all your gains in one day. Enjoy things you won’t get to experience often, and make time for meaningful moments. Hopefully by incorporating some of these tips, you’ll see how simple habits can help reduce stress and lead to an enjoyable holiday or work trip free from anxiety of feeling like you missed the gym or fell off track with your nutrition. Habits and choices which create changes.

Happy travels!


Gemma Carlton